Roundcube Webmail與LDAP整合建構漂亮的Ajax Mail

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Roundcube Webmail與LDAP整合建構漂亮的Ajax Mail

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改成 mimetypes.php


$rcmail_config['enable_installer'] = true;
並開啟 的寫入權限


// ----------------------------------
// ----------------------------------

// List of active plugins (in plugins/ directory)
$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array(


$rcmail_config['ldap_public']['Verisign'] = array(
'name' => '全域通訊錄',
'hosts' => array(''),
'port' => 389,
'use_tls' => false,
'user_specific' => false, // If true the base_dn, bind_dn and bind_pass default to the user's IMAP login.
// %fu - The full username provided, assumes the username is an email
// address, uses the username_domain value if not an email address.
// %u - The username prior to the '@'.
// %d - The domain name after the '@'.
'base_dn' => 'dc=ysliu,dc=com,dc=tw',
'bind_dn' => '',
'bind_pass' => '',
'writable' => true, // Indicates if we can write to the LDAP directory or not.
// If writable is true then these fields need to be populated:
// LDAP_Object_Classes, required_fields, LDAP_rdn
'LDAP_Object_Classes' => array("top", "inetOrgPerson"), // To create a new contact these are the object classes to specify (or any other classes you wish to use).
'required_fields' => array("cn", "sn", "mail"), // The required fields needed to build a new contact as required by the object classes (can include additional fields not required by the object classes).
'LDAP_rdn' => 'mail', // The RDN field that is used for new entries, this field needs to be one of the search_fields, the base of base_dn is appended to the RDN to insert into the LDAP directory.
'ldap_version' => 3, // using LDAPv3
'search_fields' => array('mail', 'cn'), // fields to search in
'name_field' => 'cn', // this field represents the contact's name
'email_field' => 'mail', // this field represents the contact's e-mail
'surname_field' => 'sn', // this field represents the contact's last name
'firstname_field' => 'gn', // this field represents the contact's first name
'sort' => 'cn', // The field to sort the listing by.
'scope' => 'list', // search mode: sub|base|list
'filter' => '(objectClass=posixAccount)', // used for basic listing (if not empty) and will be &'d with search queries. example: status=act
'fuzzy_search' => true); // server allows wildcard search

// An ordered array of the ids of the addressbooks that should be searched
// when populating address autocomplete fields server-side. ex: array('sql','Verisign');
$rcmail_config['autocomplete_addressbooks'] = array('sql','Verisign');

'filter' => '(objectClass=posixAccount)',


$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://account:[email protected]/roundcubemail';
// postgres example: 'pgsql://roundcube:[email protected]/roundcubemail';
// Warning: for SQLite use absolute path in DSN:
// sqlite example: 'sqlite:////full/path/to/sqlite.db?mode=0646';

我並修改了 plugins/password/ 的附加元件,讓使用者可以修改LDAP的密碼

// -----------------------
// A driver to use for password change. Default: "sql".
// Current possibilities: 'directadmin', 'ldap', 'poppassd', 'sasl', 'sql', 'vpopmaild', 'cpanel'
$rcmail_config['password_driver'] = 'ldap';



apt-get install poppassd


sudo apt-get install php-net-ldap
sudo apt-get install php-net-ldap2
sudo pear install Net_LDAP
sudo pear install Net_LDAP2


sudo apt-get install php5-gd


// LDAP Driver options
// -------------------
// LDAP server name to connect to.
// You can provide one or several hosts in an array in which case the hosts are tried from left to right.
// Exemple: array('', '');
// Default: 'localhost'
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_host'] = '';

// LDAP server port to connect to
// Default: '389'
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_port'] = '389';

// TLS is started after connecting
// Using TLS for password modification is recommanded.
// Default: false
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_starttls'] = false;

// LDAP version
// Default: '3'

$rcmail_config['password_ldap_version'] = '3';

// LDAP base name (root directory)
// Exemple: 'dc=exemple,dc=com'
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_basedn'] = 'dc=ysliu,dc=com,dc=tw';

// LDAP connection method
// There is two connection method for changing a user's LDAP password.
// 'user': use user credential (recommanded, require password_confirm_current=true)
// 'admin': use admin credential (this mode require password_ldap_adminDN and password_ldap_adminPW)
// Default: 'user'
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_method'] = 'user';

// LDAP Admin DN
// Used only in admin connection mode
// Default: null
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_adminDN'] = null;

// LDAP Admin Password
// Used only in admin connection mode
// Default: null
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_adminPW'] = null;

// LDAP user DN mask
// The user's DN is mandatory and as we only have his login,
// we need to re-create his DN using a mask
// '%login' will be replaced by the current roundcube user's login
// '%name' will be replaced by the current roundcube user's name part
// '%domain' will be replaced by the current roundcube user's domain part
// Exemple: 'uid=%login,ou=people,dc=exemple,dc=com';
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_userDN_mask'] = 'uid=%login,dc=ysliu,dc=com,dc=tw';

// LDAP password hash type
// Standard LDAP encryption type which must be one of: crypt,
// ext_des, md5crypt, blowfish, md5, sha, smd5, ssha, or clear.
// Please note that most encodage types require external libraries
// to be included in your PHP installation, see function hashPassword in drivers/ldap.php for more info.
// Default: 'crypt'
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_encodage'] = 'crypt';

// LDAP password attribute
// Name of the ldap's attribute used for storing user password
// Default: 'userPassword'
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_pwattr'] = 'userPassword';

// LDAP password force replace
// Force LDAP replace in cases where ACL allows only replace not read
// See ... hodreplace
// Default: true
$rcmail_config['password_ldap_force_replace'] = true;

設定IMAP 使用上次的postfix的成果

// ----------------------------------
// ----------------------------------

// the mail host chosen to perform the log-in
// leave blank to show a textbox at login, give a list of hosts
// to display a pulldown menu or set one host as string.
// To use SSL/TLS connection, enter hostname with prefix ssl:// or tls://
$rcmail_config['default_host'] = '';

// TCP port used for IMAP connections
$rcmail_config['default_port'] = 143;

// IMAP auth type. Can be "auth" (CRAM-MD5), "plain" (PLAIN) or "check" to auto detect.
// Optional, defaults to "check"
$rcmail_config['imap_auth_type'] = null;

// If you know your imap's root directory and its folder delimiter,
// you can specify them here. Otherwise they will be determined automatically.
$rcmail_config['imap_root'] = null;
$rcmail_config['imap_delimiter'] = null;

// By default IMAP capabilities are readed after connection to IMAP server
// In some cases, e.g. when using IMAP proxy, there's a need to refresh the list
// after login. Set to True if you've got this case.
$rcmail_config['imap_force_caps'] = false;


// ----------------------------------
// ----------------------------------

// SMTP server host (for sending mails).
// To use SSL/TLS connection, enter hostname with prefix ssl:// or tls://
// If left blank, the PHP mail() function is used
// Use %h variable as replacement for user's IMAP hostname
$rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = 'tls://';

// SMTP port (default is 25; 465 for SSL)
$rcmail_config['smtp_port'] = 25;

// SMTP username (if required) if you use %u as the username RoundCube
// will use the current username for login
$rcmail_config['smtp_user'] = '%u';

// SMTP password (if required) if you use %p as the password RoundCube
// will use the current user's password for login
$rcmail_config['smtp_pass'] = '%p';

// SMTP AUTH type (DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, LOGIN, PLAIN or empty to use
// best server supported one)
$rcmail_config['smtp_auth_type'] = 'PLAIN';

// SMTP HELO host
// Hostname to give to the remote server for SMTP 'HELO' or 'EHLO' messages
// Leave this blank and you will get the server variable 'server_name' or
// localhost if that isn't defined.
$rcmail_config['smtp_helo_host'] = '';



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